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09/07/2007 - WWB -- a new Nezz business
WWB Size Conversion
Garment Size Aust Bra Size USA Bra Size UK Bra Size Your Fullest Bust Measurement Range Your Hip Measurement
8 8D or DD 30D or DD 30DD or E 83-88cm
(33-35 inches)
up to 92cm
(36 inches)
10 10D or DD 32D or DD 32DD or E 88-92cm
(35-37 inches)
up to 97cm
(38 inches)
12 12D or DD 34D or DD 34DD or E 92-99cm
(37-39 inches)
up to 102cm
(40 inches)
14 14D or DD 36D or DD 36DD or E 98-103cm
(39-41 inches)
up to 107cm
(42 inches)
16 16D or DD 38D or DD 38DD or E 103-108cm
(41-43 inches)
up to 112cm
(44 inches)
18 18D or DD 40D or DD 40DD or E 108-113cm
(43-45 inches)
up to 117cm
(46 inches)
20 20D or DD 42D or DD 42DD or E 113-118cm
(45-47 inches)
up to 122cm
(48 inches)



Step 1:- Make a note of your usual bra size
Step 2:- Take your fullest bust measurement
Step 3:- Take your fullest hip measurement (usually over your thigh)
Step 4:- Match your bust and bra size to the closest garment size to your measurement and bra size
Step 5:- Check that your fullest hip measurement is no larger than the corresponding size, if it is larger, use your hip measurement to select your garment size
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