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Dressmaking - What To Expect

What to expect during the fittings
1. Initial consultation: Together we decide on the design, fabric and colours for the perfect garment for your figure and the occasion. 

Prior to your next consultation a calico ‘mock-up’ (toile) of the garment will be made, customised to your body measurements.

2. Second consultation: we fit and mark out the design onto the toile. This gives you the chance to confirm the design and fit. 

The toile becomes the pattern from which the garment is cut.

3. Third and/or fourth consultation: Fit and design are checked once more. Hem lengths and details are finalised. The design is starting to take shape! As you view yourself in the mirror, you’ll love the individuality and uniqueness of your new garment.

4. Final consultation: You try your finished garment on and we perform a final check of the fit. (No garment leaves our premises without a complete quality check – fine tuning may be necessary.)

Dressmaking and custom designed garments are a labour of love. Turnaround time from initial consultation is usually 3-6 weeks for most garments and 3 – 6 months for bridal gowns. 

Occasionally, different stages of the construction take longer than originally anticipated. Please understand if this means we reschedule an appointment. We always have the garment finished on time to our high standards.

Running behind schedule or sick? Please call us! Your custom made garments deserve time and care. We do our best to be both flexible and to ensure that everybody is attended to on time.

Can’t make your appointment? Please let us know as soon as possible, especially if you need the garment by a certain date.

Business hours for fittings
Tue, Thu 9am – 7pm
Fri 9am – 5pm
Sat 9am – 2pm
Phone enquiries are answered 8am – 5pm daily otherwise leave a detailed voice message and we will return your call promptly.

Important reminders
  • Underwear and shoes – Wear to all fittings the underwear and shoes you intend to wear with the garment.
  • Magazine clippings – If you already have something in mind, bring a picture from a magazine, it makes it much easier for you to explain what you want and for us to interpret it and help make your vision a reality.
  • Don’t be shy – You’re going to be measured to help you look great, not to be judged -- this time the tape measure’s a friend. We are here to accentuate your best features and minimize those figure challenges.
  • Parking –When you park in the driveway, other client’s will be arriving and leaving during your appointment. Please park in 1 of the 3 marked spaces, in front of the garage doors – there is usually space for everyone. If there are too many cars in the driveway please use the driveway on Pennant Hills Road. 
  • The Pennant Hills Road and Aiken Road intersection is very busy, so please take extra care when entering and leaving.

A small request
It took some courage to ask this! Occasionally individuals have come in for consultations after vigorous exercise or a prolonged visit to the perfume counter. Subsequent clients, staff and your humble dressmaker, really appreciate discretion in either of these directions!
I especially request that you do not wear body perfumes when you come for fittings/consultations as it often becomes overwhelming for the staff by the end of the day. Body perfumes also linger in the garment after a fitting and when we press the garment the heat amplifies the scent.


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